Mackenzie C. Foellmer

Partner | Los Angeles Office

Mackenzie Foellmer has extensive background in providing legal representation to a diverse clientele, which encompasses commercial airlines, trucking and transportation companies, insurance companies and a broad spectrum of corporate entities across various industries. Ms. Foellmer’s civil defense practice includes litigation in state, federal and appeallate courts. She also focuses her practice on the defense of entities in the general aviation field including operators, FAA-approved repair facilities, and manufacturers. Within the ambit of her practice, Ms. Foellmer defends and resolves complex matters including but not limited to cases involving wrongful death, aviation, products liability, premises liability, insurance bad faith and subrogation. Ms. Foellmer possesses considerable experience in handling insurance related matters from their inception during the pre-litigation investigative phase through to their ultimate resolution. Ms. Foellmer is a member of the International Aviation Womens Association reflecting her committment to professional growth and staying current with legal trends in the field.